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What We Do

The climate crisis is impacting Central Australian communities. Mining and fracking threaten our precious groundwater and invasive weeds like buffel grass put our unique biodiversity at risk. The actions we take now are vital for protecting the environment and the natural resources we depend on. ALEC works with individuals and groups to find solutions to the environmental challenges facing Outback communities - ensuring a hopeful, resilient and sustainable future in the desert.

Our key areas of action are:


Large-scale water intensive industries like agribusiness and onshore gas threaten groundwater aquifers and the arid ecosystems that depend on them. ALEC is campaigning to stop the NT’s largest ever water licence on Singleton Station.

Climate adaptation

Central Australia is already experiencing climate change which disproportionately impacts Aboriginal people living in bush communities. A focus on equitable climate adaptation, hand-in-hand with emissions reductions, is critical to protect desert communities and ecosystems as life gets hotter and harder.


Fracking is an expensive, dirty and dangerous way of extracting gas. ALEC advocates for a Territory-wide ban on fracking. We are campaigning to block gas projects in the Beetaloo Basin which would unleash a climate-wrecking carbon bomb and drive up Australia's total emissions by up to 22%.

Renewable energy

ALEC is part of Alice Springs Future Grid, a project aimed at increasing the amount of renewable energy in Alice Springs. ALEC is also calling on the NT Government to introduce a Climate Change Act to legislate a target of net zero emissions by 2050 and support a just and rapid transition to 100% renewable energy.

Biodiversity and conservation

Central Australia has some of the most intact desert in the world. ALEC campaigns to protect arid biodiversity from threats including land clearing, industrial-scale water extraction and the spread of invasive species including buffel grass. We advocate for investment in Indigenous rangers and Indigenous Protected Areas.


Food is everybody’s business, and our food vision is a system that’s equitable, regenerative and supports people and the environment. ALEC has created two community gardens in Alice Springs, and a local growers’ market. Our service-arm, Arid Edge, tackle food insecurity and health issues in Indigenous communities through an edible garden and nutrition education program.


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Climate Ready Central Australia

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