What We Do

Being the only environment centre for more than 1500 kilometres in all directions, ALEC needs to be across a wide range of issues and work in ways that support communities taking action for themselves.

ALEC’s work is focused on two main areas.

Protecting the Outback

Despite its rugged appearance the outback is a fragile landscape. It is threatened by mining, shale gas production and fracking, overgrazing, weeds, fire and feral animals. Climate change is going to increase pressure on ecosystems and precious groundwater supplies.

ALEC is working to protect the outback through a number of campaigns and initiatives.

  • Biodiversity Matters – a biodiversity volunteer conservation program
  • Don’t Frack the Outback – highlighting the risks of fracking to the NT’s groundwater
  • Nuclear Free NT - campaigns against the nuclear industry in the NT
  • Representation/Submissions – representation on committees and working groups, submissions on government policy and environmental impact statements.
  • Ten Deserts – connecting land managers across regions and state borders 

Catalysing Change

ALEC is working hard towards building community resilience in Alice Springs and surrounding desert communities. This is a long-term commitment to developing sustainable food systems, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and strengthening the local community. ALEC is driving innovative programs that encourage sustainable living and active community engagement.

ALEC initiatives include:

  • Alice Springs Community Garden - a space for communal gardening, individual garden plots, community workshops, information sharing and education.
  • Arid Edge Environmental Services – providing research, training, project management, design and consulting services in the areas of water, waste, food, and energy.
  • The desertSMART Challenge – a sustainability challenge for community members
  • desertSMART EcoFair - Central Australia’s premier science and sustainability event
  • Education for Sustainability Central Australian Network (EFSCAN) – supporting sustainability education in Central Australia.
  • Food for Alice – supports a local growers market and developing food security
  • RePower Alice Springs – a campaign to transition Alice Springs to 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • The Roadmap to a desertSMART Town – a blueprint for making Alice Springs a resilient and vibrant desertSMART town.