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What We Do

The climate crisis is impacting Central Australian communities. Mining and fracking threaten our precious groundwater and invasive weeds like buffel grass put our unique biodiversity at risk. The actions we take now are vital for protecting the environment and the natural resources we depend on. ALEC works with individuals and groups to find solutions to the environmental challenges facing Outback communities - ensuring a hopeful, resilient and sustainable future in the desert.

Our priorities are:


Clean energy 

The Northern Territory has some of the best solar resources in the world. We’re working toward 100% clean energy for our communities and an end to dangerous fossil fuels. 

Climate resilience 

There is no aspect of life in Central Australia that will be unaffected by a changing climate.  We must reduce our emissions and take action to build resilient desert communities that are water, food and energy secure. Adaptation must be locally led.

Protecting Country

ALEC engages extensively with government policy to strengthen the laws designed to protect nature. We build partnerships to develop and deliver effective land management and conservation strategies, and strongly support Indigenous people to manage their land for conservation.

Desert sustainability

We must work together to conserve the resources of Central Australia for the future. We empower communities through knowledge, education and awareness on how to live sustainably in the arid lands and engage government and business on opportunities for sustainability planning.

Protecting Country

Healthy coasts, rivers, deserts, wetlands and natural landscapes are central to the way of Northern Territory life, our culture and our livelihoods. Protecting this diverse landscape against the threats from climate change, weed...
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