What We Do

ALEC is catalysing change and building momentum with our supporters towards our vision of healthy futures for arid lands and people. 

Safe Climate

The Territory environment is already being impacted by climate change with increased temperatures, the loss of large swathes of mangroves across the Top End, coral reef bleaching, increased weed spread and changing seasons. We are:

  • Campaigning for the Northern Territory Government to adopt a climate policy with a target of net zero emissions by 2050.
  • Working towards local adaptation planning measures and climate action plans
  • Campaigning to ban fracking

ALEC is:

  • Building momentum for the NT Climate Statement and NT Climate Petition
  • Translating the Climate Change in Central Australia animation into Aboriginal languages
  • Being a strong public advocate for climate action


Clean Energy

Central Australia has some of the best solar resources in the world. ALEC has been a leading voice for a solar powered future in Central Australia. We are:

  • Building momentum towards the transition to 100% renewable energy
  • Advocating for a solar powered economic plan for the NT
  • Campaigning against new fossil fuel projects

ALEC supports:

  • RePower Alice Springs – a community group advocating for a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030 for Alice Springs


Protecting Country

The Northern Territory is a really special place. From the deserts to the sea, we have some of the most amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes that Aboriginal people have had a connection to for many thousands of years. We are

  • Working in partnership to support large scale land management projects
  • Advocating for better laws and more resources to protect nature in the NT
  • Monitoring new mining and development proposals

ALEC is working to protect the outback through:

  • Representation/Submissions – representation on committees and working groups, submissions on government policy and environmental impact statements.
  • Don’t Frack the Outback – highlighting the risks of fracking to the NT’s groundwater
  • Nuclear Free NT - campaigns against the nuclear industry in the NT
  • Ten Deserts – connecting land managers across regions and state borders 
  • Biodiversity Matters – a biodiversity volunteer conservation program


Living desertSMART

ALEC is working hard towards building community resilience in Alice Springs and surrounding desert communities. This is a long-term commitment to developing sustainable food systems, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and strengthening the local community. We are:

  • Sharing knowledge and driving innovation for living sustainably in the arid lands
  • Supporting communities to be more energy efficient, reduce waste, grow food locally and conserve water
  • Identifying opportunities to catalyse systemic change

ALEC initiatives include:

ALEC also supports: