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Stop the Singleton Station water licence to protect water

ALEC urgently needs to raise funds to support the campaign to Stop Singleton. Please donate today. 

The Territory Government has approved the largest water licence in Territory history – 40 billion litres per year for 30 years. The impact on native plants, animals, sacred sites and community drinking water will be disastrous. ALEC, alongside others, are fighting to #StopSingleton.

The threat to our most precious resource

Water is life in Central Australia. Our communities and ecosystems rely on healthy aquifers and an ongoing supply of fresh water.

The Singleton Station water licence granting 40 billion litres of groundwater annually to a private company to build a fruit farm in the desert is a death sentence for arid ecosystems.  

On top of it all, the NT Government secretly changed the water rules to allow the development to go ahead, behind the backs of Aboriginal traditional owners and the wider community. 

The scale of this 40GL water licence cannot be understated. By comparison, the 10 largest groundwater licences in NSW range from 7GL-15GL.

What are the impacts?

  • The water table will be lowered by up to 50 metres. Plants and animals that rely on shallow groundwater will die;
  • The licence allows the desctruction of up to 30% of groundwater-dependent ecosystems;
  • Descruction of up to 29 Aboriginal sacred sites, including water holes and soaks.

ALEC challenged the NT’s largest ever groundwater licence on legal grounds.  Read our full submission here

What can be done right now?

We all need to take action to help resist this decision. Your contribution could support:

  • Independent monitoring and scrutiny of the licence stages, including assessing the land clearing and non-pastoral use permit approvals.
  • Organising protests and actions near Singleton Station, and Alice Springs.
  • Securing media coverage highlighting the impacts of the water licence on arid ecosystems, water resources and cultural and sacred sites.

ALEC has 60 days from November 15 to seek a judicial review. We are consulting with our legal team to choose the best course of action.

If this decision is not overturned, it will lock in an incredibly unsustainable development in an arid region and compromise the future health of this aquifer and its culturally significant groundwater- dependent ecosystems.

- Managing Lawyer for Freshwater Dr Emma Carmody, Environmental Defenders Office.

Chip in to help stop Singleton and protect water for all Terrotorians.

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