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Renewable energy

ALEC is also part of a Future Grid study to address the barriers to installing solar energy in low-income housing. We hope this research will bring us one step closer to ensuring that low socio-economic renters and those living in community housing in Alice Springs can access affordable and clean energy

ALEC continues to support ECNT's Repower NT campaign which aims to fulfil the NT's potential to become a renewable energy superpower and achieve a net zero emissions economy for the entire Northern Territory. ALEC is calling on the NT Government to introduce a Climate Change Act to legislate a target of net zero emissions by 2050. Legislating these targets will provide greater certainty for clean-energy investors and support the implementation of emissions reductions strategies across areas including transport, electricity, industry, agriculture and land, and building. 

Solar Connect Virtual Power Plant trial

Alice Springs Future Grid is tri­al­ing the North­ern Territory’s first res­i­den­tial Vir­tu­al Pow­er Plant (VPP). The tri­al will look at how a VPP can help keep the grid sta­ble while increas­ing the amount of clean ener­gy in the Alice Springs pow­er system. Households with solar, or a solar-battery system, are encouraged to sign up to the Solar Con­nect VPP tri­al to support the transition to clean energy.

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