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Climate Ready Central Australia

Becoming Climate Ready involves taking practical actions to build the resilience of Central Australian communities while rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, including actions to strengthen housing and energy security, manage climate-stressed land and water resources and assess climate risks at the local level. 

Central Australian communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Extreme heat and weather events, water and food insecurity, biodiversity loss and severe economic costs threaten a healthy future in the desert. 

Climate change disproportionately impacts Aboriginal people, especially those living in bush communities. A focus on equitable climate change adaptation, hand-in-hand with emissions reductions, is critical for protecting our communities and environment as life gets hotter and harder across our regions.

ALEC considers it a matter of urgency that the NT Government develop a Climate Adaptation Plan, in addition to supporting local Government to develop and implement Regional Adaptation Plans. These strategies need to be informed by local knowledge and people to ensure our communities are strong and prepared. Climate adaptation will require collaboration across sectors and organisations. ALEC is working to bring together a diverse group of actors across the Territory to seek opportunities for collaborative adaptation in the NT, and support cross-sector advocacy for climate adaptation.  

ALEC is also very engaged with the Australian Government's process to develop the first ever national climate risk assessment. This work commenced at the end of 2023 and is ongoing. 

Learn more about our Climate Ready campaigns and projects:

Climate Change Act for the NT

It is positive that the Northern Territory Government supports a target of net zero emissions by 2050, however without a Climate Change Act, this target is purely aspirational and not legally binding. Sign the petition calling for the Territory Government to legislate a net zero emissions target by 2050 as part of a comprehensive climate policy, including a plan for a just transition to a low carbon economy.

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Climate Ready Council

Council has an important role to play in helping communities reduce emissions and adapt to climate change, as climate impacts are felt most acutely at the local level. ALEC will continue to advocate for climate change risks to be embedded in Council planning and decision-making, to help build the resilience of our communities and environment to economic, social and environmental costs.

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Arid Edge Environmental Services

Our social enterprise Arid Edge emerged out of the need to address climate risk in desert communities.  What sets Arid Edge apart is a community development approach to adaptation and experience partnering with Aboriginal organisations and community members to come up with community-led solutions to environmental and social issues.

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