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Current Campaigns

History has proven that when communities work together real change can happen. Supporting the campaigns and initiatives of ALEC is a great way to take a difference. Become a member of ALEC and/or make a donation!

There are many challenges facing our environment, and many challenges with our system of governance, particularly with our major parties taking donations from fossil fuel companies, and prioritising profit over conservation of our valuable natural resources. But there are thousands, even millions of people working across the planet to bring about change.

It's a critical time for our environment and climate, and despite the doom and gloom we must remember that renewable energy is now the cheapest form of new energy, the transition is already underway and that people power is making a big difference.

Water Justice Project

Directed by Maureen Jipiyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe. Filmed and edited by Peter Raftos, Minotaur House. Translation by Maureen Jipiyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe and Marie Elena Ellis. Produced by Running Water Community Press in collaboration...
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