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Building a sustainable desert food network for healthy communities

We’re working on creating local, sustainable food networks in Mparntwe Alice Springs and surrounding desert communities through building food gardens, community engagement and awareness and education. Our vision is a food system that’s equitable, regenerative and supports connected arid lands communities and the environment.


  • ALEC has established two community gardens in Mparntwe Alice Springs. 
  • Food for Alice is a weekly food market connecting local producers, growers and buyers.
  • Resources on arid zone gardening support home gardening, which is an integral part of local food systems.
  • Arid Edge’s Amern Mwerr Good Food program works to tackle food insecurity and address health issues in Indigenous communities through edible gardens and nutrition education.

Learn more about our food projects:

Westside Community Garden

The Westside Garden, located in Gillen, welcomes gardeners from different ages and backgrounds. The garden supports participation and is guided by the principles and ethics of permaculture. There are lots of ways to get involved in Westside and contribute to growing a culturally safe and sustainble arid lands garden for a food secure town. 

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Amern Mwerr Good Food

Food security is a serious issue faced by many Indigenous people. Arid Edge build food gardens to help increase people’s access to fresh fruit, vegetables and bush tucker foods. The Amern Mwerr program combines hands-on gardening training with nutrition education to tackle food insecurity and support Indigenous people to lead healthy lives on country.

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Food for Alice

Food for Alice is a produce market connecting people with local produce and working toward food security for our community. Food for Alice runs every Saturday, 9-11 AM, at the Alice Springs Community Garden – selling fresh, quality produce from local, ethical suppliers and backyard growers.

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