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Writing submissions and participating in government processes is an important aspect of ALEC's work.

ALEC regularly makes submissions to government inquiries, regulatory reform and policy processes to improve environmental governance in the arid lands of Central Australia.

ALEC also analyses Environmental Impact Statements for major development and mining projects.


ALEC's 2024 submissions

National Water Agreement  (Cth)

National Climate Adaption Plan (Cth)

National Water Reform 2024 (Cth)

Mining Royalty Reform (NT)

Predation by Cat's Threat Abatement Plan

ALEC's 2023 submissions

Buffel Grass Techinical Working Group - Meeting 5

Buffel Grass Technical Working Group - Meeting 4

Singleton EIS Draft Terms of Reference (NT)

Ali Curung Community Statement - Singleton EIS Draft Terms of Reference (NT)

Major Mining Reform Submission (NT)

Mineral Royalty Review Consultation Paper (NT)

Roe Creek sand mine (NT)

Buffel grass submission to halt and reverse biodiversity decline (Cth)

Alex Gardner Expert Advice on Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan (NT)

Draft Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan (NT)

Problematic single use plastics and container deposit scheme (NT)

Singleton Environmental Approvals Referral

Submission on Australia’s Critical Mining Strategy 2023 Joint ALEC & ECNT submission

Submission on Draft Interference with a Waterway Guideline and Surface Water Take
Wet Season Flows Policy

Buffel Grass Information Pack for Central Australia

Umuwa Statement as published in Palya! by Alinytjara Wilurara Landscape Board 


ALEC's 2022 submissions

Submission on the Georgina Wiso Water Allocation Plan

Submission on Ammaroo Mine EPA referral

Submission on the Draft Lake Eyre Basin Strategy

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into ‘Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis’

Submission on the Draft Biodiversity Offsets Policy

Submission on Beetaloo Basin Senate Hearing

Submission on Tandyidgee Pastoral Land Clearing Application

Submission on Imperial Water Licence

Submission on Federal Government's biological control pipeline

Submission on Northern Territory Infrastructure Framework Position Paper

Submission on Pastoral Land Act 1992 Compliance Framework

Submission on Singleton Station Application to Clear Pastoral Land and Application for Non-Pastoral Use of Pastoral Land

Submission on IMA1-1: EP167/168 Work Programme NT Exploration Permit (EP) 167/168 Environment Management Plan

Submission on Draft Northern Territory Circular Economy Strategy 2022-2027

Submission on Origin Energy Multi-well Drilling, Stimulation and Well Testing Program for Exploration Permit (EP) 98 & 76 Environment Management Plan

Submission on Northern Territory Strategic Water Plan - Directions Paper

Submission on Draft Northern Territory Parks 2022-52 Masterplan

Submission on Draft National Established Weeds Priorities Framework

Submission on NT EPA Environmental Factor Guidance: Atmospheric Processes

Submission on Draft Environment Protection Legislation Amendment (Chain of Responsibility) Bill 2022







ALEC's 2021 submissions

Submission on Neutral Junction Water Licence Application

Submission on Arafura Rare Earths Water Licence Application

Submission on Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan Review

Submission on SREBA Cost Recovery Framework

Submission on Draft Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offsets Policy and Technical Guidelines

Submission on Northern Territory Parks 2022-52 Masterplan

Submission on Pastoral Land Act Compliance Framework

Submission on Water Resources Review Panel Singleton Station

Submission on Chain of Responsibility Laws

Submission on Santos EMP

Submission on Oil and gas exploration and production in the Beetaloo Basin - Senate Inquiry

Submission on FOI Request Tri-Star

Submission on EMP Content Guidelines

Submission on Imperial Oil and Gas EMP

Submission on Grounds for Review ALEC_Singleton Station

Submission in Relation to the Productivity Commission Draft Report – National Water Reform 2020

Submission on Regulation of Mining Activities: Environmental Regulatory Reform

Submission on the Federal Government’s gas-fired recovery

Submission on Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Management for New and Expanding Large Emitters

Submission on the draft Bilateral Agreement between the Northern Territory Government and the Commonwealth of Australia


ALEC's 2020 submissions

Submission on Alice Springs Water Allocation Plan

Submission on Suncable’s draft terms of reference

Submission on EPBC Amendment (Streamlining Environmental Approvals) Bill 2020

Submission on Central Petroleum EMP Amadeus Basin

Submission on Fortune Agribusiness Western Davenport Water Licence

Submission on the 10 year review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act


ALEC's 2019 submissions

Submission on the NT Climate Change Response

Submission on the Proposed Petroleum No Go Zones

Submission on the NT Environment Protection Bill

Submission Kyalla Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing (stimulation) Program EP 117 N2


ALEC's 2018 submissions

Submission on the NT Climate Change Discussion Paper

Submission on the Draft NT Environment Protection Bill and Regulations

Submission on Alice Springs Town Council Climate Change Action Plan

Submission on Discussion Paper Updating the 2009 National Waste Policy

Submission on Rule Change Request Northern Gas Pipeline Part 23 Derogation

Submission on the NT EPA Guidance on Adaptive Management

Submission on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Jervois Base Metal Project

Submission on the Australian Faunal Extinction Crisis

Submission on PA 2018/0192: Tanami-Newmont Gas Pipeline Land Clearing

Submission on Planning for a Vibrant Future NT

ALEC's 2017 submissions

Submission on the NT Pastoral Land Legislation Amendment Bill

Submission on the Draft Guideline: Recommended Land Use Separation Distances

Submission on NT Review, Reframe and Renew Discussion Paper

Submission on the Tellus Chandler Salt Mine and Hazardous Waste Facility

Submission on the DRAFT Western Davenport Water Allocation Plan

Submission on the Jervois Base Metal Project Terms of Reference 

Submission to the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory

Submission into Environmental Regulatory Reform 

Submission on the Independent Commission Against Corruption

Submission on the Reform of Deductible Gift Recipient Tax Arrangements

Submission into the ATSI Act Consultation Discussion Paper

Submission on the Draft Strategic NT Economic Framework and Infrastructure Plan