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Westside* Community Garden

The Westside Garden is an initiative of the Arid Lands Environment Centre, made possible through an MOU with Centralian Middle School where the garden is located.

Building off the success of the Alice Springs Community Garden in East Side, the newest garden in Gillen will support the development of sustainable food systems for arid land communities. 

The Westside Garden will provide local people with opportunities to learn about best arid zone gardening practices and sustainable desert living, connect with others in their community, grow, harvest and heal through their participation in the garden. 

The Westside Garden welcomes gardeners from many different backgrounds, of all ages and who share differing views. Our garden is inclusive and welcoming to all.

*working title only

What are we up to?

2021 is going to be a big year as we work together to nourish and convert the land into an abundant, productive community garden.

Thanks to the Corrections Community Workparties team and Desert Life Church, the garden site is cleared of buffel grass, ready for our imaginings.

Forming a Garden Committee

We now need to form a motivated Garden Committee willing to volunteer their time, effort and passion to assist with generating of our vision, purpose, design and management of the garden.

This core group of engaged Committee members will share ideas, hold regular planning meetings and divvy up the diverse roles and responsibilities to create a garden the whole community can enjoy.

Ways to get involved

Become a Garden Committee member. To express interest in joining the Garden Committee, get in touch with Kaz, Westside Community Garden Coordinator: [email protected]

Other ways to contribute. There are many more ways you can get involved with the garden, such as: 

  • Visit and share your thoughts 
  • Attend a planning meeting 
    • Thursdays 5.00pm – 7.00pm (upcoming meetings are Feb 4 & 18, put it in your diary)
  • Join our volunteer mailing list and volunteer casually to:
    • Do some weeding
    • Turn the hot compost 
    • Help with a range of 'fix-it' jobs
    • Letterbox drops

Volunteer sign up

Put your name to become a casual garden volunteer.

Upcoming events and working bees

Connect with the garden

Follow our Facebook page for updates and to connect with the garden, our community, working bees and workshops. 2021 is going to be a big year for the Westside garden. Stay tuned for details.