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Climate Ready Council

Council has an important role to play in helping communities reduce emissions and adapt to climate change. As voters, we have an opportunity to vote in a Climate Ready Council


Our changing climate

It's well accepted that climate change is a critical issue that carries implications for generations to come.  It's impacts are already being felt in Central Australia, and we need to action to ensure a safe and healthy climate future for all.

All across Australia, local governments are leading action on climate change.  

Climate Ready Council

Alice Springs res­i­dents will head to the polls on Sat­ur­day August 28 to elect nine Coun­cil­lors, includ­ing a May­or. It is our chance to vote in a council a Climate Ready Council that is ready to meet the challenges of climate change.

Climate Ready scorecard

ALEC is surveyed council and mayoral candidates to find out what Climate Ready actions they have already taken, and what actions they will support if elected.  

The questions in the survey are taken from the list of actions in the Climate Action Plan endorsed by Alice Springs Town Council in 2019. 

To see a candidate's full questionnaire response please click here. 

Our climate action plan

In Jan­u­ary 2019, Alice Springs Town Coun­cil released a Cli­mate Action Plan 2018-2021 for the town.

It was a definitive step forward in accepting the science and challenges of a warming climate. The Plan is about the future of our town - Coun­cil aspired to become a leader in adapt­ing, mit­i­gat­ing and plan­ning for cli­mate change. 

Three years on, not enough progress has been made. The risk that climate change poses to our town means Council must double down on commitments in the action plan, and quickly. 






Authorised by Jade Kudrenko, Arid Lands Environment Centre, 8/74 Todd St, Alice Springs