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Soft Plastics Recycling at Coles

Coles has recently introduced a Soft Plastic recycling bin, located on the left hand side of the cashiers.

It accepts clear and coloured soft plastics, including old shopping bags, bread bags, frozen food bags, even old re-usable bags.

Coles Management have said that they are having some issues with contamination, but they are committed to making it work. 

What can we do to help as ALEC members? Firstly, collect up your soft plastics and recycle! Secondly, if you get a chance at the checkout, congratulate Coles staff on this great initiative.

Finally, I think the power of the consumer is critical in achieving sustainable change. If you have the time, email your favourite product suppliers and let them know that you would like to see a more sustainable packaging option. Seeing as only 12% of plastics are recycled nationally, recycling is not the ultimate solution. A transition away from plastic towards more biodegradable packaging is critical for our planet's health. Every voice counts on this issue.

However of course, we must refuse in the first place - avoid soft plastics packaging in the first place!

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