Waste in Alice Springs

Managing waste is a critical issue in the modern world, as unfortunately humans produce a lot of it!

Alice Springs has no municipal recycling system, and limited community knowledge of waste reduction. ALEC is seeking a commitment by the Northern Territory Government and local governments to prioritise waste reduction, and limit plastic waste in the waste stream.

ALEC has three overarching objectives in reducing waste:

  • Successful implementation of kerbside recycling in Alice Springs by 2018
  • There will be kerbside organics collection in Alice Springs by 2020
  • Single use plastics are not used in public events by 2020

ALEC has had an active role in sustainability and waste reduction education in Alice Springs through previous programs like desertSMART COOLmob, and has an ongoing relationship with the Alice Springs Town Council supporting waste education opportunities.

Arid Edge Environmental Services also provides consultancy services around waste audits, composting, waste management and preparing Alice Springs businesses for kerbside recycling.

ALEC Project Officer Rachel O'Leary is a waste management specialist and has been providing regular sustainability and waste reduction advice to ALEC members. Check out Waste Reduction News here.

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