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RePower Alice Springs launches survey of community views on energy options

RePower Alice Springs is surveying the views of Alice Springs community members about solar and other energy options in our town. RePower Alice Springs is a community group established over 12 months ago to advocate for a transition to renewable energy in Alice Springs. The group has launched an online survey for all people of Alice Springs to contribute their views.

‘People’s responses will help us to understand the views of the wider community. This will assist in guiding future education campaigns, particularly about solar and renewable energy options in Alice Springs. RePower Alice Springs members meet regularly with government and NT energy companies, and knowing how members of the wider community feel about our energy supply will ensure we present a balanced and supported view,” stated Dr Rosalie Schultz, a member of RePower Alice Springs.

 “There are many views about how energy for Alice Springs could be provided. Historically governments have made decisions with little consultation and limited information about public perceptions. More recently RePower Alice Springs has been grateful at the level of interest of the current government in hearing from community members. Results of our survey will provide an even broader perspective, and enable the entire community to be involved in creating its energy future,” she stated.

The Todd Mall Markets will be a focus of seeking responses to the survey, and RePower Alice Springs members will be at every market for the next six weeks. If people would like to complete the survey themselves, there is a direct link from the Arid Lands Environment Centre Website, and Facebook page. Paper versions are also available to promote the widest possible participation.

“We want to make it as easy as we can for people to be heard,” said Dr Schultz. “Community engagement in their own power supply is the future of energy security worldwide, and RePower Alice Springs is proud to be taking a leadership role by enabling the Alice Springs community to state their views.”

The community survey can be undertaken at

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