Protecting Country

The Northern Territory is a really special place. From the deserts to the sea, we have some of the most amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes that Aboriginal people have had a connection to for many thousands of years. We are: 

  • Working in partnership to support large scale land management projects
  • Advocating for better laws and more resources to protect nature in the NT
  • Monitoring new mining and development proposals

ALEC is working to protect the outback through:

  • Representation/Submissions – representation on committees and working groups, submissions on government policy and environmental impact statements.
  • Don’t Frack the Outback – highlighting the risks of fracking to the NT’s groundwater
  • Nuclear Free NT - campaigns against the nuclear industry in the NT
  • Ten Deserts – connecting land managers across regions and state borders 
  • Biodiversity Matters – a biodiversity volunteer conservation program

Stay Connected

Protecting the outback and catalysing the essential change needed to tackle climate change and create a sustainable future is a big task and we need your support to do it. Sign up here for more information on how you can support the work of the Arid Lands Environment Centre