Don't Frack the Outback

ALEC is staunchly opposed to the practice of hydraulic fracturing and the development of any new onshore gas industry in the Northern Territory.

No new fossil fuel projects or infrastructure 

  • Globally if we are to have a chance of combating climate change 80% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in the ground. This means no new fossil fuel projects or infrastructure, and abandoning some existing projects.
  • All around the world communities are mobilising against new fossil fuel projects and infrastructure including the Dakota Access Pipeline in America, the Canadian Tar Sands, Amu Power Coal Mine in Kenya and the Adani Carmichael Coal mine here in Australia. Communities are demanding action on climate change for a safe future.
  • Natural gas produces less carbon dioxide per unit energy than coal does, making it appear at first glance as a cleaner fuel. But natural gas is predominantly composed of methane, a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, and when leaks at drilling fields and pipelines are included it is considered as polluting as coal.

Don't Frack the NT

  • Territorians want fracking banned in the NT over concerns of groundwater contamination, industrialisation of the landscape and climate change. The NT Labor Government came to power promising a moratorium on fracking.
  • 85% of the Northern Territory is under application for exploration for petroleum and gas.
  • NT Indigenous communities and pastoralists are under pressure to sign on to support gas exploration. Once the license is granted there is no opportunity to stop invasive gas fields from developing.
  • The Final Report of the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing states that the community expressed an acute lack of confidence in the current regulatory framework to protect the environment of the Northern Territory.
  • Many submissions that the Panel received suggested that the development of an onshore shale gas industry would have significant adverse impacts on business operations, particularly in the pastoral, agricultural, horticultural and tourism industries.

Fracking and the Climate

  • Northern Territory emissions have risen 28% over the last ten years. The NT must take action to reduce emissions, not raise them significantly by opening up shale gas fields.
  • If the Beetaloo Basin is fracked it is estimated that the carbon emissions will be 4-5 times that of the Adani project.
  • The final report from the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing recommends that the NT and Australian governments seek to ensure that there is no net increase in the life cycle GHG emissions emitted in Australia from any onshore shale gas produced in the NT.
  • The final report acknowledges that a single gas field would increase Australia’s emissions by 4.5% and 0.05% of global emissions.
  • It is doubtful that a 5% increase in Australian emissions can be offset, and that there could be no net increase in emissions from any onshore shale gas produced in the NT.

Renewable Energy Future

  • Solar power has now become the cheapest form of new electricity generation and renewables are entering an era of undercutting the price of fossil fuel generated electricity.
  • Building fossil fuel infrastructure offsets investment in renewable energy. New fossil fuel infrastructure will become stranded assets in a world that is moving to renewable energy.
  • Governments must abandon polluting fossil fuel projects and transition to renewable energy immediately to meet climate change targets.
  • The NT Gunner Government has a 50% renewable energy target by 2030. This is going to require a rapid scaling of investment in infrastructure to support renewable energy generation, storage and distribution.

ALEC urges all community members who have concerns over climate change and the threat of opening up the Territory to unconventional gas fields and fracking to take immediate action.

Call Minister Ken Vowles on 08 89365680, sign the petition on this page and email a letter personally to

Please also call Chief Minister Micheal Gunner 08 89365500 and email


Will you sign the petition?

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Dear Minister Vowles,

Community members have significant concerns on the practice of "fracking" and the impacts of the unconventional gas industry, and want to see the practice banned. 

The final report from the Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing acknowledges that a single gas field would increase Australia’s emissions by 4.5% and 0.05% of global emissions.

For any new onshore shale gas field in the NT, the Panel assessed the unmitigated risks to climate change associated with methane emissions and GHG emissions (including methane) to be either ‘medium’ or ‘high’. The report has deemed this level of risk unacceptable. This is an issue of national importance.

The Northern Territory is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We can’t just stand by and watch emissions rise from new gas projects, land clearing and lack of industry innovation

A ban on fracking is the best option for the Territory to reduce the risks. We urge the NT Government to take the precautionary principle seriously, maintain the moratorium and ban fracking.