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Media Release: NT Government 'Knowledge Territory' a Fracking Carrot 17.5.16

The Giles CLP Government has stooped to a new low this week with the proposed 'Knowledge Territory' package. Chief Minister Giles' desperate attempt to link education funding to potential fracked gas royalties demonstrates how out of touch with the general public the CLP Government is.

“The NT Government's blind support for the gas industry is at the cost of everything else. While the world is moving to renewables, the CLP Government is backing fossil fuels and the industrialisation of our iconic NT landscapes. The energy future for Central Australia is in solar not gas, and without a comprehensive energy policy, the CLP Government continues to make ad hoc and damaging decisions,' said ALEC Director Jimmy Cocking.

“This announcement demonstrates that the CLP is willing to blackmail Territorians into accepting industrial fracking for gas to receive speculative educational benefits for their children. Education is a fundamental human right and should not be dependent on gas royalties,” Jimmy Cocking said.

“Despite the millions of dollars currently being spent by the Giles CLP Government on advertising for the gas industry, Territorians are not being fooled and dissatisfaction with the Giles government is evident,” said Jimmy Cocking.

“This election Territorians need to place the health of our environment and our families first. The examples coming from Queensland and the United States where industrial fracking for gas is established, show that the risk of fracking to our groundwater and community health are too important to ignore,'” said Jimmy Cocking.

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