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Federal Government attacks on renewables dishonest, politically motivated and unhelpful.

RePower Alice Springs condemn comments made this week by Federal Government Ministers, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Minister Barnaby Joyce and Senator Nick Xenophon, blaming renewable energy for the South Australian blackouts.

Experts have made it clear that the SA Blackouts were a result of electrical transmission lines being blown over from the extreme high intensity storm that battered the state. To state otherwise constitutes a politically motivated and deliberate attack on renewable energy.

“South Australia has been leading the way in transitioning to renewable energy with 40% of its energy coming from renewable sources. However the state is coming under increasing attacks from a Federal Government that is ignoring climate change, and a government that last week admitted it didn’t have modeling on how Australia could meet the carbon reduction targets it agreed to in Paris last year,” said Harshini Bartlett, spokesperson for RePower Alice Springs.

“We have seen the same thing here in the Northern Territory with the attacks on renewable energy from the previous Liberal Government.”  

“Unfortunately there are some in power who want to desperately cling to the past, and do what they can to retain a status quo that is ultimately damaging our planet. Transitioning to renewable energy is an exciting opportunity, not something to be feared,” stated Miss Bartlett.

“RePower Alice Springs acknowledges that increasing renewable energy increases the complexity of an electrical grid. However, it is 2016! There is an incredible amount of modeling, analysis and ongoing technological advancement in integrating renewables. Governments and energy utilities should have been planning for this decades ago. There needs to be immediate investment into grid stabilisation and integration across the country.”

“RePower Alice Springs welcomes the NT Government’s 50% renewable energy target by 2030, however as Alice Springs is one of the sunniest places on earth existing in an isolated electrical grid we will continue to advocate for 100% renewable energy for our town,” said Miss Bartlett.


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