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Take the desertSMART Challenge! Reduce your environmental footprint!

 Unfortunately Alice Springs has some of the highest energy and water-use in Australia. Extremities of cold in winter, and many months above 35 degrees in summer, means that heating and cooling appliances are in high use. Remoteness makes recycling difficult. We don’t have as many public transport options. There are many challenges to living sustainably in the desert!

Over a number of years ALEC has developed the desertSMART brand which offers community members a course of action towards living more sustainably in the desert by rethinking our approaches to water, energy, waste, food, transport and the built environment.

ALEC is a strong advocate for transitioning from fossil fuel dependence to 100% renewable energy, and is working on numerous fronts to build the resilience of Alice Springs and desert communities through working towards regional food security plans, water efficiency programs, renewable energy and energy efficiency programs and environmental education.

Take the desertSMART Challenge! With a focus on water, energy, food, transport and waste the challenges ask you to reflect on your lifestyle habits, and see where you can do more to reduce your environmental impact.

The first challenge is on Water Use. Download the factsheet here and the challenge here.

Scan and email us your results at info@alec.org.au. More challenges will be uploaded soon.


The desertSMART Challenge was initially a project of desertSMART COOLmob which was a network of more than 500 sustainable households in Alice Springs, supported by the Arid Lands Environment Centre, working together to inspire and empower community led change for sustainable, resilient communities in and around Alice Springs. With government funding cuts in 2014, desertSMART COOLmob had to close after 12 years of encouraging local community members to live sustainably.

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