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Recycling in Alice Springs

Recycling in a remote location like Alice Springs offers a number of challenges. Large distances to major recycling centres mean that some forms of recycling are not cost-competitve. Alice Springs does not have a curb side recycling service. Rather the onus is on consumers to be responsible for managing their own waste and taking their recycling to the depots around town.

The Alice Springs Town Council has been investing a lot into waste management and many things can be recycled at the Regional Waste Management facility. Check out the Alice Springs Town Council website here

There are also a number of private businesses in Alice Springs that also manage some forms of recycling.

Download the Alice Springs Town Council regional recycling directory here which lists what can be recycled where. 

ALEC short films on recycling:

Professor Veena Sahajwalla discusses the four R's reduce, reuse, recycle and reform and their application in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Mayor Damien Ryan and Alice Waste's Fritz Hapke demonstrate local examples of reforming waste. Thanks to the NT Environment Protection Authority for sponsoring this project.


The Northern Territory has container deposit legislation that means you can cash in your  drink containers for 10c.

Funded by the NT Environment Protection Authority and produced by the Arid Lands Environment Centre, these ads are showing on regional television in 2016.

'If you're not recycling, what are you doing?' Throwing money in the bin?


Check out Composting here