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Composting in Alice Springs

Composting at home is easy to do and avoids transporting food scraps to landfill where they produce harmful greenhouse gases as they break down. By composting your food scraps instead of sending them to landfill, households can significantly reduce their Climate Change footprint. In fact, about 3% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions comes from organic matter rotting anaerobically (without air) in landfills. 

Compost can be used to provide essential nutrients for arid zone gardens.

Download the Alice Springs Vege Garden Companion for some great tips on composting for local gardens.

Join the Compost Revolution via the Alice Springs Town Council

ALEC Composting Short Films

Composting is easy - find out how locals in Alice Springs are doing their recycling of food waste in their own gardens.

This community service announcement was funded by the NT Environment Protection Authority and produced by the Arid Lands Environment Centre. These ads are showing on regional television in 2016. 

'If you're not composting....what are you doing?' Throwing your food scraps in the bin?