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Risks of Nolans Bore Rare Earths Mine
Whilst the Nolans Bore Rare Earths Mine may be “Charged and Ready To Go” the Northern Territory community must be made aware of the potential...
Ecologically Sustainable Development Through Policy
Environmental policy touches on so many aspects of life in the arid zone and is a big part of the work that ALEC engages in....
Climate Change in the NT
There is no aspect of life that will be unaffected by a changing climate. Every component of society, economy and environment will have differing levels...
Mining in the NT - Part of the Australian Psyche?
The Annual Geoscience Exploration Survey occurred in Alice Springs on the 20 and 21st of March. The event is an annual meeting of geoscientists, miners,...
2018 - Increased Policy Engagement
ALEC is increasingly focusing our policy priorities on climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental regulatory reform and natural resource management. Our work in these policy...
Improved Transparency for Environmental Security Bonds
From today the Department of Primary Industries and Resources will publish the amount of money that is held as environmental security by the government on...
Policy, Environment and Economy
A lot of people have asked “what is environmental policy”? Policy occupies the space between law and science. It includes the normative aspect of law,...
Tell us straight! More about waste than salt!
Tellus Holdings Pty Ltd is planning a massive duel revenue project of salt mining and geological waste storage. Petroleum exploration discovered a large salt deposit...

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