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Buffel Action: What you can do!

People across Central Australia are concerned about the spread of buffel grass. You are not alone! Here are some ways you can get involved:

Write to elected members:

Sign the Petition to Minister Kate Worden for buffel to be declared a class A/B weed

Write your own letters to the Minister Kate Worden, and Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek through Letters for the Environment

Your organisation can sign on the stakeholders Open Letter for buffel to be declared a class A/B weed

Get Involved:

Get involved with the Buffel Grass Information and Action Group a ‘grass roots’ group where the community can share information about buffel.

Join Alice Springs Landcare and/or attend one of their regular working bees to clear buffel and rehabilitate the natural environment.

Donate to Help Stop the Spread

Your generous gift will help in the urgent fight to stop the spread of buffel grass across Central Australia.

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