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Roadmap to a desertSMART Town

The Roadmap to a desertSMART Town is a blueprint for making Alice Springs a resilient and vibrant desertSMART town. The first 'Roadmap to a DesertSMART Town' was developed in 2005 through community consultation in Alice Springs. This document was evaluated in 2013, and an updated Roadmap was developed in consultation with more than 70 local experts in the areas of energy, water, food, waste, transport and planning (built environment)


Originally conceived in 2005 by the Arid Lands Environment Centre and the Centre for Sustainable Arid Towns, the Roadmap brought together business, government and community to develop a shared vision for a desertSMART Alice Springs. The Roadmap to a desertSMART Town 2015, and associated 70 actions to make Alice Springs a desertSMART Town were highly innovative and influential documents at the time, directly contributing to the establishment of the successful Alice Solar City and Alice Water Smart projects in the years following.


With the support for the NT Government’s EnvironmeNT grants scheme, desertSMART COOLmob undertook an evaluation of the impact of the original 2005 Roadmap. This evaluation was planned to give a clearer picture of which projects from the 70 Actions to make Alice Springs a desertSMART Town had been implemented, and some indications of water and CO2 emissions savings associated with them. It was a key resource for informing the development of the new 2013 Roadmap.

Roadmap 2013

With support of the NT Government’s Community Climate Change grant scheme, and in partnership with Desert Knowledge, desertSMART COOLmob lead the development of a new Roadmap to a desertSMART Town for 2013-18. This Roadmap sets the agenda until 2018 in 7 key areas:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Planning (previously built environment)
  • Economy
  • Food
  • Transport

Download the Roadmap to a desertSMART Town here.