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On the frontline

The NT election result was relatively as expected with the Gunner Labor Government returned with a slight majority. The issues raised and the environmental ambition of the election campaign was something else. National environmental groups have commented in forums that the NT Election was the most environmental election for more than a decade in Australia. We had bipartisan support for a 50% by 2030 renewable energy target, the CLP committed to doubling the subsidies for batteries. Bipartisan support for net zero carbon emissions by 2050 targets, and the ALP committed to seeing the environmental protection law reforms through. 

Our challenge now is to hold them to account. There are some great opportunities on the renewable energy side and these seem well supported by government policy, but we will need to keep pushing to ensure a more rapid and just transition is made. Fracking will continue to be an issue with a huge push from the Federal Government and the various recovery commissions focusing in on petrochemical manufacturing and a ‘gas lead’ recovery. For the sake of our climate and the protection of water - this will be one of the big fights in the coming years. 

While no commitments were made on ensuring safe public drinking water in remote areas and a Climate Change Act - these issues will continue to bring together First Nations people, health agencies and other advocacy groups together to call on the Government to take real action on climate change through a just and renewable powered recovery and the protection of our most precious resource.

- Jimmy Cocking