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NT Labor Conference Votes for Action on Climate and to Ban Fracking

The Northern Territory Labor Party is to be commended for voting to adopt a policy of net zero emissions generated in the Northern Territory by 2050, and to ban fracking at their annual conference in Darwin over the weekend.

The vote to support the NT adopting a policy of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 indicates strong support for taking serious climate action, at a time when the Northern Territory’s emissions continue to rise, and will rise significantly if fracking goes ahead.

The majority of the 120 party branch and union delegates voted to ban fracking, andwhilst this vote doesn’t mean a reversal of the decision to lift the moratorium, it does demonstrate that the decision is deeply unpopular amongst Michael Gunner’s own party.

“Australia’s most eminent scientists, including Prof Will Steffen of the Climate Council have stated that a decision to allow fracking in the NT will significantly increase Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions,” said Shar Molloy, Director of Environment Centre NT.

“With INPEX coming online and the planned large scale land clearing, the NT urgently needs a strong climate policy with emission reduction targets to demonstrate how the Territory is going to stop emissions from rising.”

“This result shows strong support from NT Labor Party members to bring the Territory in line with most other states of Australia that also have net zero emissions by 2050 targets,” said Shar Molloy.

“The Northern Territory is highly vulnerable to climate change with a predicted increase in the number of extreme weather events and heatwaves, which will exacerbate existing health, housingand liveability issues and have a significant impact on remote communities,” said Jimmy Cocking, CEO of the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“As we start to see litigation happen across the world due to inaction on climate change, the Northern Territory Government must take responsibility for Territory emissions and have a plan for how they are to be reduced. To accept that emissions are to continue to rise is simply not tenable.”

“Not creating the emissions in the first place is the most sensible thing to do, and banning fracking will not only prevent emissions rising significantly, but is supported by many Territorians and even Michael Gunner’s own party.”

“The Arid Lands Environment Centre and Environment Centre NT will continue to work towards a future with clean groundwater, a safe climate and strong communities. We urge Michael Gunner to listen to his party members, reverse the decision on fracking and take strong action to mitigate and adapt to climate change,” said Jimmy Cocking.

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