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Photo Contest: Backyard Biodiversity

#DesertBiodiversity is a photo and conservation contest celebrating the biodiversity in the desert. Send us a photo of the wonder of our natural regions, the habitats and the species of wild fauna and flora, or do something practical to help promote and protect them. 

In Mparntwe/Alice Springs, we’re fortunate enough to have vast landscapes on our doorstep and unique desert flora and fauna in our backyard – like the threatened black-footed rock wallaby and rare plants that set down their roots in Central Australia!

To celebrate national biodiversity month, we’re asking you to connect with nature and take a photo that highlights the wonder of our region's biodiversity. 

Or if you'd prefer to take practical conservation action, then participate in the contest by doing something tangible to help promote and protect local biodiversity.  

How to enter:

  1. Take a photograph that represents one of the two categories below.
  2. Caption it with 50 words or less 
  3. Submit your entry via email to [email protected] 

Enter into one or both of these categories:

  1. Capture biodiversity on camera - submit a photo that captures a feature of Central Australian biodiversity 
  2. Take practical conservation action - do something tangible to help promote and protect local biodiversity. Send us a photo showing what you’ve done. 

Some examples of activities you can do to help promote local biodiversity include: installing a bird bath or nesting box, busting buffel on the Todd, planting a native garden. 

We’re happy for you to get as creative as you like with your actions and photos, as long as you don’t harm any wildlife. 

If you need help identifying the native flora and fauna found in the region, Land for Wildlife and Alice Springs Desert Park have some useful resources on their websites. 

Entries close September 30. Winners will be announced early October. 

Terms and conditions:

  • The photograph and conservation action must be shot or undertaken between September 18-30. 
  • The photo must be an original creation - no copyrighted images may be used.
  • By submitting your photo you agree that the Arid Lands Environment Centre has the right to publish, distribute or display the printed or electronic media, even if they are not the winning entry.