Write A Letter for An Effective NT Climate Policy

The Northern Territory urgently needs a comprehensive climate policy. Write a letter to Chief Minister Michael Gunner demanding that the NT develop a climate policy that has emissions reduction targets and a net zero emissions target by 2050.

Unfortunately Northern Territory emissions are continuing to rise. When the INPEX Ichthys project comes online in 2018, the project is expected to emit an average of 7 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. Once the Ichthys Project is fully operational, onshore and offshore emissions are expected to account for approximately 1.2% of Australia’s total CO2 emissions.

If the Beetaloo Basin is fracked it is estimated that the carbon emissions will be 4-5 times that of the Adani project. 

The predicted huge increase in NT emissions needs to be offset and sequestered locally to ensure any credibility in the NT Government’s approach to climate change.

The large landmass of the Northern Territory provides ample opportunities for carbon sequestration. Land clearing and land use changes are significant greenhouse gas contributors. Through supporting land managers to account for and build carbon stock in the land while also changing management practices to increase carbon sequestration eg mosaic burning significant climate gains can be made.

Whilst the Roadmap to Renewables and commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030 is welcomed, a comprehensive climate policy with emissions reduction targets is needed to inform all government decisions, transition our economy and ensure communities are protected from the impacts of climate change.

Please write to Chief Minister Michael Gunner today and ask that:

  • The Northern Territory Government leads on delivering ambitious and effective climate change action.
  • Makes a commitment to net zero emissions by 2050
  • Develops a climate change policy with emissions reduction targets


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