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Update from the Community Garden

The Garden continues to grow and develop both in pockets and as a whole. Here are some action areas: 

  • The new building framework is up. It will soon be providing a small office and kitchen for group activities plus a toilet accessible to all including disabled people.
  • Our small shed is now really far too small for safe storage of garden tools and equipment. If anyone knows of a bigger transportable shed going for not too many $'s  we’d love to hear about it.
  • Our irrigation system has done a pretty good job to date but it would be even better, more economic and much easier for those of us who regularly monitor and adjust our seven individual Galcon timers if it was run automatically using one or two smart controllers linked to a computer app. Changing to a new system is high on the Garden committee’s agenda. Planning, time and money will be needed. Olive Pink Botanic Garden has just installed such a system and seems chuffed with it. 
  • The small hill behind (north) of the Garden is a sacred site but we have permission to clear it of buffel grass and some ongoing clearing is being done especially around the native trees at the base of the hill and outside the Garden fence. Much more buffeling could be done to protect other native trees, shrubs and grasses on the hill.

Read the full update here

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