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Alice Springs Show: 2024

Help ALEC with the rubbish collection at the Show!

Want to help support ALEC and not be afraid to get your hands dirty?

Want a FREE ticket to the Alice Springs Show?

Each volunteer shift translates to a $150 donation to ALEC!

Fill out the form on this page or email ALEC at [email protected] to get involved!

ALEC won the contract to be the rubbish team at the Alice Springs Show, the biggest community event in the Alice Springs calendar. 

This is a great opportunity for ALEC to generate some much needed funds to help us in our mission to fight for healthy futures for arid lands and people

Can you volunteer with us this upcoming show weekend and help us turn TRASH into CASH?!

ALEC needs volunteers for the Alice Spring Show over the following days:

  • Thursday 4 July: Set up shift
    • Afternoon: 3 to 7pm
  • Friday 5 July: Show day rubbish duty crew shifts
    • Morning: 9 to 1pm
    • Afternoon: 1 to 5pm
    • Evening: 5 to 9pm
  • Saturday 6 July: Show day rubbish duty crew shifts
    • Morning A: 7 to 11am
    • Morning B: 9 to 1pm
    • Afternoon: 1 to 5pm
    • Evening: 5 to 9pm
  • Sunday 7 July: Pack down crew shifts
    • Morning: 8 to 12pm
    • Afternoon: 12 to 4pm

As you can see, there are a lot of days involved. While we'll be there all of the days many hands do make light work. Whether for a couple of hours or many days, your volunteering will help us turn this trash into cash. In turn these funds will help resource:

  • ALEC’s fight against fracking
  • ALEC’s advocacy for the protection precious groundwater
  • ALEC’s campaign to protect biodiversity and manage buffel grass
  • ALEC's support for green spaces and food gardens through community gardens

Whilst you're picking up rubbish with us, you can also pick up a free ALEC t-shirt and a free pass to the Alice Springs Show! 

For more information contact: [email protected]

July 05, 2024 at 6:00pm - July 08, 2024
Alice Springs Show Grounds

Will you come?