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Changes for spring at FFA

Spring is here and with Spring comes some changes.

I would like to personally thank Fina for the amazing work she has done for Food for Alice.  Do not worry this is not goodbye, Fina will be back next year, for now she is going to take a well-earned break and do a little travelling. 

The market on the 1st of October will be Fina’s last for 2016.  If you get a change come and say hello and safe travels.  I would personally like to thank Fina as she has done some of my shifts while I have been catching up on other work.  It has been wonderful to take a break from running the market – though I do miss seeing all of our suppliers and customers.

With that you all may have seen a fantastic helper Adriana, who has been learning how to set up the stall and get everything ready for both suppliers and customers.  And now you will be seeing a lot more of her as she steps up to managing the Stall all on her own. Adriana will be manning her first stall on her own the 8th of October, please do make her feel welcome.

With that I will see you all in October when I am back to doing the market with Adriana.

Carmel Vandermolen


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