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The 10 Gigawatt Vision – Repowering the Northern Territory

Environment Centre NT and Beyond Zero Emissions have today released the report ‘The 10 Gigawatt Vision: How renewable energy can power jobs and investment in the Northern Territory’.

The report has found that by pursuing a 10 Gigawatt Vision, the Northern Territory can put renewable energy at the centre of a sustainable growth strategy that could create over 8,000 new jobs and over $2 billion in revenue by 2030.

By adopting the 10 Gigawatt Vision the NT Government could prevent over 20 billion tonnes of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere and accelerating global warming.

“However you look at it, renewable energy is a strong and stable foundation for the Territory to build its economy on, unlike shale gas and other fossil fuels, which have a bleak outlook as investors and business fall out of love with fossil fuels,” said Shar Molloy, Director, Environment Centre NT.

“Should NT leaders back a resilient economy that has good future growth prospects and is good for people and the planet, or a polluting and financially risky economy that will make life more difficult, expensive, and unsafe? The answer is as clear as day,” said Molloy.

“This inspiring and properly costed report moves the renewable transition beyond the visionary and into the possible. It outlines a clear blueprint for growing a strong economy built on the employment and revenue that abundant solar power provides,” said Alex Read, Policy Officer from the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“A solar power export industry offers significant advantages over gas including more local jobs without destabilising the climate and wrecking our water supplies.

“The future is renewables, not fracked gas and we urge Territorians to read the report and get behind this safe and sustainable growth strategy for the NT,” said Alex Read.

Download the report at:

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