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Safe Climate

From supporting community coalitions working toward decarbonisation to advocating for climate solutions at the government level, we are a strong force for climate action in Central Australia and part of the global movement working towards a safe climate. We work at the ground level to help prepare our communities for a warmer world and speak up for a just transition that leaves no one behind. 

Our planet is heating up, causing a climate crisis and threatening the natural systems that sustain us.  Central Australia is especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and high temperatures. The number of extreme heat days over 35 degrees Celsius are predicted to rise, our access to fresh water will be severely impacted by drought and our ecosystems and biodiversity will suffer. 

Aboriginal people living in bush communities are on the frontline of climate impacts and other shocks, as life gets hotter and harder across our regions. It is critical that justice for First Nations people be placed at the heart of all climate solutions.

Our recovery from the covid-19 pandemic is also our chance to repair and remake an economy that works better for everyone while ensuring a safe and liveable future. It is our chance to create thriving and sustainable communities that can cope with future shocks and a warming world, and to protect nature now and for the generations that come after us.

How we’re working for a safe climate together:

  • Campaigning for the NT Government to adopt a climate policy with a target of net zero emissions by 2050 and to develop a climate action plan.  
  • Creating momentum for large-scale solar energy projects and supporting community-led initiatives leading the way on renewables.
  • Cultivating grassroots climate activism and campaigning to ban fracking.
  • Supporting bold solutions for regional, national and global climate action through the Climate Justice Alliance.

Ending our dependence on dirty fossil fuels

Fracking is an expensive, dirty and dangerous way of extracting gas. Energy investors, public health experts and scientists agree we don’t need more dirty and dangerous fracking in the Territory. Yet successive NT governments have spent $94 million of public money in subsidies to the fracking industry over the past ten years. 

The large majority of people in Central Australia and across the Territory oppose fracking in the outback. Fracking produces methane, a damaging greenhouse gas that speeds up climate change. Toxic chemicals used in the fracking process pose serious risks to our groundwater supplies. Polluted groundwater is permanent.

We’re working with the Central Australian Frack Free Alliance to protect our water, air and climate in the Territory, and ban fracking for good.

Supporting the transition to renewable energy  

Shifting to renewable power is the single most important thing we can do to achieve a safe and liveable climate. 

Renewable energy can be a key driver of economic development and jobs growt, and repowering the Territory with clean energy will create a better life for everyone. The NT Government has a 50% renewable energy target by 2030.  Due to the urgency of the climate crisis, as well as Central Australia's high solar penetration, we can and must aim for much higher.   

We support the Environment Centre NT's Repower NT campaign, a solar-powered economic plan that will grow jobs for Territorians. 

ALEC helped to establish and works with RePower Alice Springs, an independent community group working to achieve 100% solar power for our town through advocacy, building community capacity and community-led power projects and partnerships. 

A Climate Change Act for the NT

Climate change is already here in the Northern Territory but our government still lacks a clear and decisive policy to tackle one of our biggest threats.

A comprehensive climate policy outlining how the Northern Territory government plans to transition to a decarbonised economy, support businesses reduce their emissions and provide plans for communities to become resilient and adjust to a warming world is urgently needed. 

We are calling on the Northern Territory Government to adopt a climate policy with a target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Read our vision for a Comprehensive Climate Policy that would ensure a safe and liveable future for the NT.  

No climate justice without justice for First Nations peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have called the Territory home for many thousands of years. First Nations communities are already on the frontline of climate change impacts.

As the planet heats up, extreme weather events and heatwaves will have significant impact on bush communities and exacerbate existing health, housing and liveability issues.

The Protect Country Alliance works with landholders, traditional owners and communities to stop fracking in the NT.

Check out the Climate Change in Central Australia animations, translated into the Arrernte and Warlpiri languages created to raise awareness of climate change causes and impacts in indigenous communities.

Living climate and desertSMART

Strong advocacy, collective action and regional, national and global campaigns that influence powerholders and governments to achieve system-wide change is the most effective way to tackle the climate crisis.

At the same time, we must also build our community resilience to a warming world and learn how to live more sustainably in the arid lands. This includes making long-term commitments to being more energy efficient, reducing waste, developing sustainable food systems and growing food locally and conserving water.

Learn more about how you can start living climate and desertSMART