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Roadmap to Renewables – A Good Start

The Arid Lands Environment Centre welcomes the release of the Northern Territory Government’s Roadmap to Renewables. The much-anticipated report confirms that the technology both currently exists and is affordable to meet the 50% renewable energy target. 

In supporting the recommendations of the Roadmap the Gunner Government is bringing the Northern Territory in line with renewable energy commitments of other states and territories. This is a great start, but in the absence of a comprehensive climate policy, this Roadmap alone will not reduce the carbon emissions in the NT to the degree necessary to meet Paris climate commitments. 

The omission of INPEX and other large projects undermines the carbon reductions this 50% renewable target will bring. INPEX is anticipated to use as much electricity as the Darwin Katherine grid in total, and the government needs to look at how they are going to reduce emissions from these large projects.

ALEC supports:

  • the whole of government approach to integrating renewable energy into its’ programs and budgets
  • the immediate investment of $4.5 million for co-contribution grants of up to $1000 to households for energy efficiency measures
  • Alice Springs as a renewable energy hub
  • the separation of Power Water networks and system control
  • pausing the process of committing the territory to the National Electricity Rules
  • regulatory changes to support greater uptake of renewable energy
  • a ten year investment plan for renewable energy
  • greater diversity in the energy market
  • mining companies/infrastructure projects to have a minimum renewable energy component
  • community engagement and education programs

ALEC recommends:

  • the NT Government not limit itself to the 50% target, and like some other states start aiming for 100%
  • develops a NT climate policy and carbon pollution reduction target to compliment the roll out of the Roadmap
  • demonstrates leadership by developing an energy efficiency and solar roll out plan for all government buildings and Territory Housing
  • large projects like INPEX are included in the renewable energy target
  • the rapid development of an implementation plan with timelines for all recommendations made in the Roadmap

“ALEC welcomes the release of the Roadmap and the governments commitment to its implementation. Now we need to see action. The NT is especially vulnerable to climate change and we need our government to lead,” said Jimmy Cocking, Director Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“Increasing carbon pollution is no longer an option, energy policy is climate policy and this Roadmap is just the start,” said Jimmy Cocking.

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