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Poll reveals majority Territorians oppose fracking, meanwhile NT lags on renewables.

A MediaReach poll conducted for the NT News has revealed 51 per cent of Territorians support a ban on fracking.

With support for a ban on fracking higher in rural areas, Alice Springs, Katherine, Daly and Palmerston, some of the key constituents that supported Labor’s sweep to power in the last election, the issue of fracking is turning into a headache for the Gunner Government. 

Meanwhile a Climate Council report released today has listed the Northern Territory last in the Australian state by state renewable energy race.

“The MediaReach Poll provides more evidence that the practice of fracking is not supported by the majority of Territorians, who have legitimate concerns about impacts on groundwater, the environment and climate change,” said Nicole Pietsch, Communications Manager of the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“In the last few weeks we have heard that if the McArthur Basin was fracked it could release four to five times as much greenhouse gas emissions as the proposed Adani Carmichael mine. If fracking is allowed to go ahead in areas like the McArthur Basin this would be a serious threat to our climate and would undermine any action the Northern Territory takes to reduce carbon emissions,” Nicole Pietsch said.

“The impacts of inaction on climate change this week are being felt across the globe as we see extreme flooding in America, India and Bangladesh – storms that have intensified as a result of our warming planet. As a collective we must urgently move away from fossil fuels and make the quick transition to renewable energy.”

“The Climate Council’s report released today, “Renewables Ready; States Leading the Charge”, shows the NT rates last on the state and territories renewable energy scorecard for 2017, despite introducing a 50% renewable energy target by 2030 and having made some investments in battery storage.”

“Considering we are one of the sunniest places in Australia and have the most generous solar feed in tariffs this result is just not good enough. We call on the Gunner Government to abandon any unpopular plans for fracking and expanding the fossil fuel industry, and fast-track the Northern Territory’s transition to renewable energy,” said Nicole Pietsch.

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