NT Climate Discussion Paper Submissions Due November 30th

Last few days to make a submission on the NT Climate Discussion Paper!

We urge community members to advocate for meaningful climate action in the NT.

The Environment Centre NT has engaged Climate Scientist Ellin Lede to provide support materials for submissions to the discussion paper that include the best available scientific evidence. 

NT Climate Discussion Paper - Suggested Answers

Recommendations For Mitigation and Adaptation

Check out ALEC's Discussion Paper Submission Brief for some key points.

If you are short on time do the online survey, however note the questions are framed in a particular way and provide multiple choice answers - make sure you use the comments box to make your points.  

Otherwise download the survey, or make a direct submission.

Email your submission to DCM.EconomicEnvironmentPolicy@nt.gov.au

The release of the latest IPPC report in October is our strongest call to act on climate change yet, with scientists saying we have just 12 years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.

The NT does not currently have a Climate Policy, NT emissions have risen 28% over the last ten years and could rise by over 200% if fracking goes ahead.

Please contact ALEC info@alec.org.au if you have any questions or need help with a submission.

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