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How do we heal country and stop the spread of buffel grass? Central Desert communities lead the way

This Saturday 29th June 2024 9.30am - 3.30pm is a community event in Mparntwe Alice Springs, Name Arrwengkelthe ‘grass sickness’: How do we heal country and stop the spread of buffel grass?

Arid Lands Environment Centre will also launch its position paper - “Firestorm- Understanding the risks and seizing the opportunities to better manage buffel grass across the Territory” at the event.

Place-specific knowledges are critical in shaping how we respond to major environmental threats. Buffel has the capacity to smother 68% of the continent. The avenues presented by the paper and at the event lead the way in responding to buffel grass at both a local, landscape and national scale.

WHAT: NAME ARRWENGKELTHE How do we heal country and stop the spread of buffel?
Join us for a day at the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens for this family friendly event to enjoy learning and looking after the beautiful central deserts we call home.
WHEN: 29th June 2024 9.30 - 15.30
WHERE: Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, Mparntwe Alice Springs

Quotes attributed to Alex Vaughan, Policy Officer

“We are witnessing buffel grass transform the identity of Central Australia; the red centre is turning green, then yellow before it goes up in flames.”

“ALEC’s position paper provides a comprehensive evidence-based strategy to turbocharge action on buffel grass across the Northern Territory. Our 10 priority actions and 54 recommendations represent the hope and opportunities that exist to conserve the plants, animals and landscapes which are so important to culture, community, health and economy.”

“Buffel fuelled fires are an existential threat to the arid and semi-arid lands. Decades of idleness has been a disaster economically, environmentally and for the health of Country. Further inaction will likely lead to extinctions and risks to human life.”

“We are proud as a community environment organisation to be providing a thorough pathway forward, to instil hope, to demonstrate care for the diversity of landscapes, species and communities impacted by buffel grass invasion and to overcome decades of government inaction.”

Quotes attributed to Meret MacDonald, Community Engagement and Event Management

“Absolutely unmissable - we are very proud of our community here in Mparntwe and across the central deserts. We look forward to seeing you this Saturday to care for and celebrate the arid lands.”

“The NAME ARRWENGKELTHE program celebrates the expertise of senior Aboriginal custodians, key scientists and dedicated land managers- with plenty of opportunity for community discussion. There are fun activities for the kids, live music, stalls and garden walks. It celebrates our community and the country here in central deserts- the how and why of healing country and responding to the invasive threat of buffel grass.”

Further Comment: Alex Vaughan 0427 573 178

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