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Have Your Say On Fracking No Go Zones

Companies like Origin Energy and Santos are planning to start fracking as early as July this year, yet critical farming, fishing, tourism areas and natural and cultural assets remain under threat. More than 51% of the Territory remains at risk from dirty and dangerous oil and gas fracking.

The Gunner Government’s recently released ‘no-go-zones’ mapping shows there are only pockets of protection from oil and gas fracking on offer to some of our most iconic and important places.

The drinking water supply for Alice Springs and surrounding communities is at risk from gas exploration in the catchment area. 

Check out the map to see just how close oil and gas fracking could happen to Alice Springs!

Make a quick submission now. Submissions are due by COB Friday 21st July.

Join thousands of concerned Territorians in calling for Alice Springs and other town water supplies to be made entirely off limits to fracking. Make a submission here.


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