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One Year On: Community Opposition To Fracking Continues

Community members continue to strongly oppose the Northern Territory being opened up to industrial fracked gas fields a year after the lifting of the moratorium by the Gunner Government. 

April 16th marks the day the decision was made to lift the moratorium on fracking in 2018, which drew widespread condemnation from Territorians after the Gunner Government accepted all 135 recommendations from the Scientific Inquiry Into Hydraulic Fracturing.

The community campaign to ban fracking in the NT continues on, with multiple national, state and local organisations, community groups and residents working together to stop the Territory being opened up to the harmful practice of fracking.

“After another record breaking summer, which saw extreme heatwaves and a missing monsoon in the top end, it is increasingly becoming clearer that the Gunner Government must abandon plans to open the Territory up to fracking and urgently invest in transitioning to an economy powered by abundant and clean solar energy,” said Nicole Pietsch, Acting CEO of the Arid Lands Environment Centre.

“Whilst the Government appears committed to the process of implementing the 135 recommendations from the scientific inquiry, the process is being rushed as a result of industry pressure. ALEC has concerns that some of the recommendations will not be implemented fully. It is highly unlikely that the carbon emissions from new shale gas production will be offset. We also have concerns over some of the pre-production processes like the method used for baseline methane monitoring,” said Nicole Pietsch.

“Healthy coats, rivers, deserts, wetlands and landscapes are central to the Northern Territory way of life. We deserve better than polluting and financially risky industrial gas fields.” 

“Whilst exploratory fracking is on the horizon in the next few months, production is still a number of years away and Territorians can take heart from other community campaigns around Australia and the world where they have stopped fracking even after exploration has started.”

“The community campaign to ban fracking is far from over and as climate impacts become increasingly felt, the campaign will only intensify as Territorians demand a renewable, not a polluting gas fired future,” said Nicole Pietsch.

Alice Springs residents are invited to seek refuge from the ‘Climate Emergency’ at Minister Dale Wakefields Office 12.30-2pm today, Tuesday April 16th.

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