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Climate change adaptation in the Northern Territory

Key points

  • Becoming Climate Ready is about preparing and responding to the impacts of climate change. Equitable climate adaptation is a critical piece in protecting environmental, social and cultural values. 
  • Climate adaptation will require collaboration across sectors and organisations, as well as between different scales of government. From land management and conservation, to water planning, energy and housing, we all have a role to play.
  • While the Northern Territory Government has made some positive steps forward with their Climate Change Response and three-year climate action plan, action needs to be scaled up urgently.

We’ve seen the IPCC report. If it wasn’t crystal clear, we know now that we must do all that we can to reduce emissions within the decade. 

But there are changes already locked in, especially in Central Australia, a place of climate extremes. We are living with climate change and regardless of what we do, life is and will continue to get hotter and harder in the Territory. These changes affect all of us, but not all equally.

A focus on enabling equitable adaptation, hand-in-hand with emissions reductions, is critical.  

Watch the webinar  

The Arid Lands Environment Centre, NTCOSS and Jesuit Social Services brought together a diverse group of actors across the Territory, including Aboriginal-controlled organisations, health orgs, environmental bodies, community and social services, ranger groups, unions and local and Territory government, to discuss the need for, and opportunities, around collaborative climate change adaptation in the NT.  

Image: Aerial view of MacDonnell Ranges revealing rock strata, near Alice Springs, Northern Territory. October 1986 Photo credit: Robert Kerton

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