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Call Gunner to Ban Fracking

It's not too late to call or send an email!

Key decision makers:

Energy Minister Ken Vowles 08 8999 6620

Treasurer Nicole Manison 08 8999 6795

Environment Minister Lauren Moss 08 8999 6343

Health Minister Natasha Fyles 08 8999 6743

Chief Minister Michael Gunner 08 8936 5500

Draft speaking/email points include:

  • Fracking in the Northern Territory would be a global warming disaster.
  • The Fracking Inquiry found that if just a single gas field went ahead it would raise Australia’s emissions by 5%. This would triple the Northern Territory’s emissions.
  • All the efforts we make to reduce emissions like reducing energy use, getting solar panels, driving less etc would be wiped out by fracking in the NT. 
  • The Fracking Inquiry found emissions from a Northern Territory Government fracking scenario would be the equivalent to 18% of Australia’s emissions.
  • That is twice the emissions of every car on roads across Australia every year.
  • If all the shale and oil in the Northern Territory is burned, it could be the equivalent of 130 coal power plants running for 40 years.
  • Our climate is on the line – shale gasfields in the NT will make things much worse.
  • Please, act on climate change and support Traditional Owners who are calling for a ban on fracking.
  • Banning fracking will have a big impact on reducing Australia’s emissions.
  • Fracking in the Northern Territory is a national issue.

Can you call or email to call off fracking in the NT?

Email: [email protected]

We all love the Territory, and we need a stable climate to survive. So let’s take action and get a permanent ban on fracking!

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