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ALEC's Coronavirus Policy

As a response to the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Arid Lands Environment Centre has taken a number of actions to help reduce the risk of transmission and protect the community, ALEC volunteers and staff.

The ALEC office at 90 Gap Road is closed to the public, except by appointment. Contact CEO Jimmy Cocking at [email protected] to make a time.

In the interests of public health, do not enter an Arid Lands Environment Centre site (ALEC office - 90 Gap Road, Alice Springs Community Garden - Burke Street) if you:

* are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, or have come into contact with someone who has flu-like symptoms

* are feeling sick in any way

* have travelled overseas or interstate in the last 2 weeks

* have come into close contact with someone who has travelled overseas or interstate in the last 2 weeks

Arid Lands Environment Centre requires all staff and visitors to maintain recommended Coronavirus precautions, including: 

* wash your hands on entry/exit to site, and regularly in between

* stay at a distance of 2m away from other people

* cough or sneeze into your elbow 

* do not touch your face

* wash kitchen utensils with hot water and detergent before and after use

* maintain two-person gathering limit

Stay up to date with COVID19 information from official NT Government sources: 



Due to the two-person limit on gatherings, the Alice Springs Community Garden has implemented specific precautions to adhere to this and reduce transmission risk. 

Upcoming ALEC events have been affected by Coronavirus, with the ALEC 40th Birthday postponed, and the EcoFair taking on a new and exciting digital format.

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