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A solar future for Alice, not gas

RePower Alice Springs supporters reminded the Northern Territory Government today that Alice Springs residents want a solar future for the town, as the Chief Minister Adam Giles opened the $75 million gas upgrade at Owen Springs Power Station. RePower Alice Springs members were present at the opening to demonstrate the community's desire for solar.

The RePower Alice Springs community group formed in response to the announcement that the NT Government was spending $75M to install ten new gas fired electricity generating engines a week after the January town-wide blackout, without considering any investment into renewable energy.

“Today is not a proud moment for Alice Springs. We want a solar future for our town, not to be locked into gas fired energy generation for the next 25 years,” said RePower Alice Springs spokesperson, Louise Stanley. “Communities, even whole countries, across the world are transitioning to renewable energy. Alice Springs is one of the sunniest places on the planet. It just makes sense to take full advantage of our solar potential.”

“In 2006 Alice Springs had 2 rooftop PV systems. By 2013 when Alice Solar City ended, there were 700. Now there are 1,100, clearly demonstrating residents and businesses in our town are committed to solar power. How can the Giles government justify investing $75 million into gas-only power generators and not invest in solar battery storage?” 

“RePower Alice Springs will be working with all stakeholders to develop a solar future for our town. There must be immediate investment into improving battery storage in Alice Springs, and a solar transition plan must be developed.”

“RePower Alice Springs is calling on the NT Government to invest in the network to support the growth in solar power as well as support people investing in solar and storage, rather than locking the town into a gas-fired only future.”

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