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Water Trigger Postcards

The water trigger is part of environmental law. It requires the Federal minister to consider what impacts large coal and coal seam gas projects will have on local water resources. Currently, fracking for shale gas is not included in the water trigger.

Write a postcard! By adding your name and message a hardcopy postcard will be sent directly to Minister Marion Scrymgour. Some things you can say are:

Water is life, and deserves better protection than what we have now.

Extending the water trigger to shale gas was a federal Labor Party election commitment last year, and is one of the key outstanding recommendations of the fracking inquiry. 

We can’t wait until next year to get our water protected, because gas companies are pushing ahead to get fracking production approvals this year.

Traditional owners for the affected area and communities across the NT have been worried about the impacts fracking will have on water for years now, and the laws we have currently are letting us down.


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