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Indigenous Desert Alliance Conference 2019

ALEC was proud to be part of the 6th Annual Indigenous Desert Alliance Conference last week in Uluru, with ALEC CEO Jimmy Cocking describing the event as "a step forward in energy, enthusiasm and inspiration".

The Conference brought together 310 people from over 50 Indigenous land management groups, across five states.

ALEC has been a committed member of the 10 Deserts Project since its inception, participating in all Indigenous Desert Alliance conferences. We celebrate the wonderful work of these initiatives, and believe that to look after this country we need to lend our voice to supporting more Indigenous rangers and protected areas.

Take a look at the achievements of the 10 Deserts Project, the largest Indigenous-led conservation project on Earth. 

Want to know what's so special about IDA? Check out this trailer from the Southern Desert Ranger Forum movie, or visit the Indigenous Desert Alliance website to learn about the work they do with Indigenous rangers and land managers; building capacity, empowerment and collaboration.

Photo courtesy of IDA