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Media release: NT Act on climate for economic rebound

The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) welcomes the step forward that the Northern Territory Government has taken with the release of its Climate Change Response Towards 2050 and associated Three-Year Action Plan. 

The Climate Change Response and Action Plan outlines a direction for the future of renewables and a renewable energy export industry in the NT, the need to increase our preparedness to respond and adapt to climate change, support for the transition to electric vehicles, incorporating green building design into new social housing and promoting energy efficiency. 

The Northern Territory has now joined all other states and territories in setting a net zero emissions target and is commended on doing so. However, ALEC is concerned that there is no legislative framework being proposed to ensure accountability and transparency towards achieving this target.

“We welcome the NT Government making progress on renewables but we hold reservations as support for new polluting gasfields requiring fracking are still actively being pushed by the Gunner Government,” said ALEC CEO, Jimmy Cocking. 

“We need to see targets legislated and a whole of government approach to ensure the opportunities to reduce emissions, build community resilience and drive a renewable powered economic recovery is realised,” added Cocking. 

ALEC is calling on the NT Government to ensure its Operation Rebound, the government’s economic recovery strategy, integrates decarbonisation and building community resilience into its approach. 

“We are at the crossroads; we can build the economy of the future with renewables or we can bet our way of life and our future on the failing and polluting gas industry. Operation Rebound should not simply focus on returning to growth but growing smarter, cleaner, and more resilient. 

“A plan to make more plans is not going to cut it on climate. We need the NT Government to treat climate change like it has commendably with the Covid-19 crisis - like our lives depend on it.”

Media contact: Jimmy Cocking 0423511931 [email protected]  

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