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End of Financial Year Appeal 2023

Every year at tax time, we ask our supporters to dig deep because our end of financial year appeal is critical in deciding what work we can continue to do in the year ahead. 

It is donations from our supporters - near and far - that allow ALEC to remain fiercely independent and work on the issues that matter most to our community.

There's no denying ALEC has worked on some pretty TOUGH issues this year including:

  • Opposing the biggest ever groundwater licence in the NT
  • Putting buffel and its devastating spread on the policy agenda
  • Supporting community resistance to fracking in the NT

But there is so much more to be done, and so much more that we do. 

To kick start our end of financial year appeal this year, a generous donor has agreed to match donations up to total of $20k (that's up to $40k towards our work).

We need to make the most of this, can we count you in?

Why donate to ALEC?

Here at ALEC we work by bringing people together to create initiatives and take actions that contribute to healthy futures for arid lands and people. 

We do this because we know community-centred campaigns work 

This year, the team at ALEC has supported community efforts that have resulted in:

  • The Singleton groundwater licence being given the highest level of environmental scrutiny.  
  • Public acknowledgement that the community wants action on buffel grass.
  • The Northern Territory Government being exposed and isolated against strong resistance to fracking in the Beetaloo Basin.  

Yet we face unprecedented challenges

Arid lands are on a trajectory of ecosystem collapse from a multitude of threats, including a heating climate, invasive species and degradation by hard hooved animals.

These are all underpinned by continuing colonisation and disrespect and ignorance of First Nations wisdom.

Government decision-makers are driven by short-term financial gains. The NT Government's green light for fracking in the Beetaloo shows our politicians are committed to industrial scale expansion of environmentally damaging industries, not protecting Country.

The climate change and buffel grass-fuelled fires in March are just the beginning of what we may face in the year ahead.

Mparntwe is being run down by relentless negativity 

Healthy Country is key to healthy people and a flourishing and sustainable economy and community.

ALEC stands for a vibrant and connected community, whether at the community gardens or across the vast arid lands.

The arid lands need your support to keep powering the vital work of ALEC  

No other organisation does the work that ALEC does. This is the appeal which will decide what ALEC can (and cannot) do in the coming year.

This year is especially urgent because:

  1. Funding sources for community organisations, especially those prepared to speak truth to power, are increasingly hard to access.
  2. We are accelerating towards an environmental precipice, beyond which there is no return. Arid lands and First Nations people are vulnerable.

Arid lands are too precious to lose.  ALEC has a small but skilled team, great volunteers and members and is part of a committed community. 

Donate today to double your impact

Thanks to the support of an anonymous donor, end of financial year donations will be matched up until we reach $20,000 (that's up to $40k towards our work!).  

Your vital donation will allow us to keep fighting to protect the arid lands from climate change, ramp up our buffel grass campaign and support vibrant communities, listening deeply to First Nations wisdom. 

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible.




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