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Email your Senators: stronger laws for nature

The amazing array of life which calls Australia home is under threat. Email your Senators to call for stronger environmental laws that protect nature and wildlife before they're gone. 

We are in an extinction crisis. More species are being wiped from existence in Australia than any other country and experts say central Australia has "arguably the greatest rate of mammal extinction in the world" 1.

We need our Senators - the people we elect to represent the Territory - to urge the federal government to improve our national environment laws. Email your Senators and ask them to help end Australia's extinction crisis.

To protect our plants, animals and precious natural places from major threats - like land clearing, habitat loss, inappropriate development and climate change - it is vital we strengthen our environment protection system.

Right now, the Australian Government is reviewing our national environmental legislation - The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act 1999. We have a once-in-a-decade chance to get these laws up to scratch. 

Stronger laws are needed to end Australia’s extinction crisis

We rely on our environment laws to safeguard our precious biodiversity. Yet polluting companies, agribusiness and developers are allowed to destroy our natural places, with little accountability for the damage they cause. It's clear the laws we currently have are failing us.

The interim report into the review confirmed serious changes are needed to protect our environment, which is under increasing threat:

The EPBC Act is ineffective... good outcomes for the environment cannot be achieved under the current laws. Significant efforts are made to assess and list threatened species. However, once listed, not enough is done to deliver improved outcomes for them.” 

The review recommended the creation of a strong independent regulator to make sure our most significant environment laws are properly enforced.  

Yet the government has rejected this key recommendation. 

The government is also trying to rush through changes before the review is even complete, leaving us vulnerable to even weaker laws.  

A nation-wide campaign has launched to call on the federal government to stop rushed changes to our already weak environment laws and to support the review’s key recommendations. 

Our Senators need to hear from us.

Email your Senators now and urge them to stand up for stronger nature laws before it’s too late.

Will you sign?

Dear Senators, 

I am deeply concerned by the government’s announcement to push ahead with changes to our already weak environmental laws before the review has run its course.  

As your constituent, I ask that you: 

1) Speak up within your party for environment laws that actually protect nature, and an independent regulator to enforce them.

2) Oppose attempts to rush through amendments to the EPBC Act that could make our environment laws even weaker.

Australia is facing an extinction crisis, our environment is still reeling from the bush fires and our iconic natural places are in an overall state of decline and are under increasing threat.  

As the interim report makes clear, the EPBC Act is failing to deliver on its purpose of protecting Australia’s wildlife and environment and recommends strong improvements. 

A healthy environment is critically important to our own health, economy and livelihoods. To ensure we continue to live in a country where people and nature thrive, we need strong laws to protect our environment and species. 

Rushed, ill-considered decisions are not worth the long term, potentially irreversible impacts to our precious, unique animals and land, and our pathway to a sustainable recovery.

Yours faithfully, 


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