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Don't weaken our already weak water laws

The Northern Territory has the weakest water laws in the country yet the Government is trying to rush through changes to the Water Act behind closed doors. 

These amendments, which could come into effect as early as August 10, threaten to make our woefully inadequate water laws even worse. They are being fast-tracked without public consultation or scrutiny. 

Water is intrinsic to protecting Central Australia’s diverse landscapes, and ensuring our communities and culture stay strong and healthy. 

Our water laws are failing all Territorians. These changes cannot go ahead. 

ALEC is calling on the NT Government to scrap the proposed amendments. We want to see a Safe Drinking Water Act that ensures safe and adequate drinking water for all, and laws which safeguard our water resources for the benefit of the environment.

Sign the open letter to Environment Minister Eva Lawler opposing the weakening of our water laws, and help to strengthen the call to protect our most precious resource.