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EOFY Appeal 2023 - Protect the Arid Lands

Your donation today will help to protect our desert landscapes, water, wildlife and communities.

There is more fracking on the horizon and our climate is heating up. We can protect our deserts but only if we work together to tackle major threats like climate change, increased mining of our groundwater supplies and other inappropriate development.  

Your donation today will help:

  • Build momentum for the transition to renewable energy and away from dirty fossil fuel projects
  • Change environmental laws for the better and push for strong regulations that put communities and nature above big business  
  • Support innovative conservation projects for healthy rivers, deserts, wetlands and landscapes
  • Empower sustainable living by helping people to be more energy efficient, reduce waste, grow food locally and conserve water 
  • Stand with Traditional Owners as they claim their rights to care for country through Indigenous-led partnerships

Give today to support this vital work. Together we can protect our diverse deserts and build thriving communities for the benefit of all who live here. 

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All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

$20,000 GOAL