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News from RePower Alice Springs

RePower is committed to our mission of having Alice Springs 100% solar by 2030.  This goal has been made more urgent with the IPCC report of November 2018 stating that the world goal must be a limit of 1.5oC warming.

This year we have decided to take a multi-pronged approach to realising our mission.  These approaches include:

  • Advocating a solar power system for the Roe Creek pumping station – one of the towns biggest power user
  • Developing nano-grids, including battery back-up for Alice Springs suburbs.
  • Developing a web site which will include educational tools that can be used by groups, schools and other interested parties to promote our mission.
  • Advocating to government to set a 100% renewable energy target, along with renewable grid backup solutions and renewable transport goals.
  • Advocating for a making Central Australia a Renewable Energy hub for the nation
  • providing submissions to the NTG review of electricity management

We will continue to have a presence at the Todd Mall markets to increase our active membership and to inform the people of Alice Springs about the bright solar future of our town.

Our next meeting will be on the 4th of March at the Arid Lands Environment Centre (corner of Kraegen and Gap rd.) at 5pm. 

If you want to take action on climate change and are not sure how, attending a meeting and joining in could be your first step.

Harshini Bartlett

RePower Alice Springs Chair