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The ALEC Board and Management hereby give notice that a Special General Meeting is to be held at 5:00pm, October 23rd at the Alice Springs Community Garden on Burke St. 

The agenda for the Special General Meeting is:

1) Acknowledgement of country

2) Present/ Apologies

3) Proposed New Constitution 

The Proposed new Constitution was passed by the ALEC Board at the September 18th Board Meeting 

Motion that Board members endorse the redrafted Constitution be amended as discussed and put to the membership at a special general meeting prior to the 2019 AGM.

Moved Liz Olle Seconded Nerida Nettelbeck


Amendments accepted: 

  • 21 days of notice for special general  meetings and annual general meetings;

  • Junior members section be included;

  • The Board may appoint and remove the CEO and the CEO will be responsible for all other staffing appointments and removals.

  • Inclusion of a preamble

  • More explicit acknowledgement of Aboriginal people, traditional owners and custodians and their knowledge and experience in sustainable living in Central Australia (eg: Objects and Purposes, p. 18)

  • Junior membership (clause 15, p. 5)

  • Confirmation of quorum for Board meetings (clause 45)

  • Insertion of the number (9) of members on the Board  (clause 28)

Read the ALEC Constitution here.

The Special General Meeting will be followed by the ALEC Annual General Meeting at 5:30pm